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Flo's books are a medley of romance and mystery with generous dollops of humor - and often a few splashes of paranormal.


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A Sweet Romance From Harlequin Heartwarming

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flo fitzpatrick's legacy of silence


She can't imagine a life without music…

Even as a little girl, Miranda Nolan loved to sing and dance, especially for her reclusive neighbor, a woman who was more like a second mother. She never expected to inherit her mentor's estate and to have to put her career as a performer on hold. Even more confusing, she's found herself settling affairs with co-claimant Russ Gerik, an interpreter who lost his hearing in a tragic bombing and struggles to find his way in a now-silent world. Unimaginable.

As the two work together to catalog the possessions of—and understand—a woman shrouded in mystery, they forge a powerful connection. But how long can their bond last when it's not built on trust?

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Volume 3 in the Abby Fouchet Mysteries

Actress Colette Currie mutters "history repeats, cold wind, cinnamon and ken-see", then dies in the arms of Abby Fouchet. Aided by her fiancé Johnny Gerard, Abby pursues clues in theatres, cemeteries and abandoned movie studios and calls upon her own gifts of second-sight to solve an eighty-year-old mystery and find a klller.

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The plot hatches during a margarita fest at a Manhattan cafe. Create a contract-killing business. Get rid of pesky ex-husbands and professional rivals - and get off unemployment as well. But when an intoxicated Babs Harrison announces to the patrons of that diner that she and buddy Bootsie Kittredge are becoming hit-women, Bootsie wonders if the sanity train has left the station.

Then the top three intended victims on the ladies’ list are murdered. Bootsie and Babs must deal with skeptical detectives, mob bosses, auditions, agents, a fake psychic and a magician with the uncanny ability to know where the ladies are at any given moment - all while trying to prove they are innocent.

The question is - are they?

"Sweet Cream Ladies, Limited. You call—we kill!"

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flo fitzpatrick's legacy of silence

Legacy of Silence
July 2014
ISBN-13: 9780373366866 (print)

ISBN-13: 9781460335574 (ebook)

Harlequin Heartwarming

Category: Sweet Romance

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flo fitzpatrick's Cold Wind to Valhalla

Cold Wind to Valhalla
Abby Fouchet Mysteries
Volume 3
October 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1484914342
Category: Mystery

Available at:



flo fitzpatrick's sweet cream ladies, ltd

Sweet Cream Ladies, LTD.
October 2012
Category: Mystery

Available at: